Food Drive Information for Schools


  • “Can the Principal” collect canned goods to fill up the principal’s office (or teacher or coach…..)
  • Organize a Contest – this can be done any number of ways! Between grade levels, teams, boys/girls, offense/defense, to raise their weight in food.
  • Offer Incentives/Prizes – freeze pops, pizza party, ice cream party, homework pass, eat lunch with a favorite teacher, front of the line pass, smiley face sticker for each canned item brought in, pajama or dress down day….
  • “Can-Struction” – your students can compete in teams to use the donated canned goods to “build or construct” something and students or teachers can vote for a winner (good team building exercise) Send us a picture and we will share it!!
  • Dedicate your food drive – Select one or two of our most needed items and employ a catchy title for your group. Example: Players for peanut butter, Meat the Need (canned meat drive), Super Students Soup Collection, etc.
  • Rock the Vote – have students/faculty vote with canned goods for a principal/teacher/coach who would have to complete an agreed upon activity. The individual with the most votes may have to sing on the morning announcements, dance with the school mascot during lunch, dress like Elvis, kiss a pig, or be hit in the face with a pie…..
  • Select a theme – such as “One CAN make a difference” or “Break the Fast” (breakfast items – cereal, oatmeal, pancake mix, syrup, canned milk, canned fruit)
  • Offer discounts at school sponsored events or production – offer incentives or discounts to students or adults who bring in a designated number of canned goods to the event. (dance, music assembly, after school movie)
  • Canned Immunity Day – allow students receive immunity for forgetting homework, being late to class, if they bring in canned goods.
  • Fruity Fines – for one day (or several), the school library allows students to “pay fines” with canned fruit or other food items.
  • TGIF (Take Groceries in Friday) – provide bags for students to take home and fill
  • Designated Food Days – designate days of the week for specific foods. Example: Macaroni Monday, Tuna Tuesday, Veggie Wednesday, Thanksgiving foods Thursday, Fruity Friday
  • Include Business Sponsors – Let your business partners know that you are participating in a food drive for The Food Pantry and ask them to participate to help your school be successful.
  • Advertise – in your school newspaper, Tuesday folders, parent newsletter, morning news, school/personal social media and website, school calendar, PFA/Booster clubs, marquee out front. The more people that know about it, the more donations you’ll receive.
  • Poster Contest – display posters in high traffic areas such as parent drop-off, front office, cafeteria, hallways, etc
  • Highlight your Progress – Create a large, visible chart that keeps track of your donations. Hang it where everyone can see your progress and visualize the goal. Have a central drop-off location where everybody can watch their donations accumulate!
  • Involve Everyone – Consider having different grades or classes assigned to specific tasks. For instance, one grade could be in charge of weighing in the donations, another could keep track for competitions or charting the progress, another group could be in charge of making posters, younger students could make thank you notes, etc.
  • Be sure to show appreciation – to students, participants, donors, volunteers, parents, community business partners for their participation in your food drive. Hand-written thank you notes, certificates or other awards can be extremely gratifying and generate more support for your drive next year. Be sure to let them know how successful you were!
  • Valuable Lessons – Remember that no matter how much food you are able to raise, there are valuable lessons to be learned. Helping your students realize that their efforts can make a difference in their community is so important. Encourage their great ideas and efforts!


  • We can provide banana boxes for collecting and transporting donations to The Food Pantry to be weighed. We will be happy to pick up donations at your school.
  • If you would like pantry volunteers at your event, just give us a call!
  • We will advertise any events you organize on our Facebook page, blog and notify local media- just let us know the details!
  • We will monitor your totals and post updates on Facebook
  • We will add your school as a Sponsor on our social media and “Pantry Angel” wall.
  • We provide information about The Food Pantry of Green Cove Springs to educate your students, parents and faculty.
  • We are happy to organize a tour of our facility for your faculty, team, PFA/Booster Club, students
  • We welcome any opportunity to speak with your faculty members, parents or students about our mission in serving the hungry of Clay County.

Student Volunteer Coordinators

  • Individuals and groups through middle school
    • Jean Cosby – 904-284-5470
  • High school volunteers and SJRCC students
    • Winnie Yaun – 904-284-9871